1/10th Scale On-Road Racing
1/10th Scale Racing as been the backbone of RC Racing for over three decades. Although various 4wd Touring Car classes remain the premiere staple in On-Road, F1 is quickly emerging in popularity due to its balance of both a scaled look and performance. Like F1, the USGT Touring Car is a newer class that is quickly becoming on of the most popular due to its budget-conscious rules, scaled look and entry level price point offerings.
1/10th Scale Formula One Racing

Formula One (F1) Rules:
Any 1/10 Scale 2WD commercially available F1 Car kit with front independent king pin
21.5 (or 25.5) Brushless Motor
Blinky ESC
2s Lipo

1/10th Scale USGT Racing

USGT Rules:
Any 1/10 Scale 4WD Or FWD Sedan Car kit (or RTR) With 4 Wheel Independent Suspension
21.5 Brushless Motor
Blinky ESC
2s Lipo
Gravity RC Ride USGT Spec Tires
Spoked Rims
USGT approved bodies per USVT/USGT Rules

See USVTA rules under USGT section at http://www.usvintagetransam.com/rules/ for complete details.


Track Layout
Using a modulated track design made with lightweight materials, set up is quick and more forgiving on cars during wall bumps and crashes. The modulation enables the configuration of multiple layouts that balance high speed performance and skill making race events fun and challenging for racers of all levels..
Professional Level Scoring System

The accuracy of keeping track of lap times, race position and laps is important at any level. So in order to provide the best racing experience for everyone, we use the best available system and software combo in the industry. Combining the MYLAPS Timing System along with the LiveTime Race Management software, we provide drivers at every level the same system used throughout many prestigious racing events held worldwide.